February 5, 2014 by camerondavisfoundation

On behalf of Justine and the family, we want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support. We hope your letters, emails, and cries will prompt the Canadian Government to take swift action, and rectify this situation. Please continue to share Cameron’s story so we can bring Justine home….


~ K Chance~ 


2 thoughts on “WE WANT TO THANK YOU

  1. Lyn Soles says:

    Please let this family have peace, they have lost their child let
    the child’s mother be home for his funeral, my prayers are with you all, God Bless
    Lyn Soles from Owen Sound Ontario

  2. Tytus Rapacz says:

    Friends and loved ones are gifts from God. We celebrate when our lives are smooth, easy and filled with joy. And we stand together in challenging times of loss or disappointment.
    You have them , wonderful people. Blessings!
    My heart goes to you! I’m sure that the spirit of people that love you will bring you home!
    Hang on Justine you’ll be home soon!
    Love Margaret

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